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Cara Menulis Chevening Essay [Leadership & Influence Question]
October 16, 2017

Dibawah ini adalah Chevening Essay yang ku kirim ke Chevening, mari kita analisa dulu agar essay kita mempunyai cerita yang bagus “apik”

I believe that leadership is one of my strongest qualities as I’ve had times where I needed it for survival. Back when I started attending university, I had to learn to live independently both financially and individually. In order to do so, I had to establish a small start up to cover my living costs in Surabaya. One of my successful venture into the world of business began when I was blessed with the opportunity of becoming the co-founder of CV kreasi Indonesia, a game and software developer I managed to use my leadership skills to develop the company’s system and eventually increase the number of employees from 2 co-founders to 2 co-founders + 7 employees by maintaining efficient workshifts and number of team members.

Biru : paragraph pertama kalimat pertama, usahakan kalimat terdapat masalah/intro yang menekankan bahwa kita mempunyai problem dan bagaimana leadership menjadi bagian dari solusi. Aku mengambil kondisi dimana hal itu berat menurutku

Hijau : setelah intro kita bahas kita jelaskan apa solusi dari masalah tersebut. Disini Aku mengambil bisnis sebagai solusi
Hitam : penekanan dari solusi tersebut, jelaskan secara detail bagaimana kemampuan leadership kita diuji

During my time at the university, I was given a chance to lead an organization named SUBMIT!, which focused on the development of small-medium enterprises (SME) in the province of East Java . Although this organization was relatively new, I managed to lead the organization to organize seminars and workshops that aimed to help young entrepreneurs in finding the solutions of their problems. We collaborated with people from companies that have good national reputation such as Astra International to ensure that we could provide speakers that can share relevant knowledge to the participants.

Merah : cerita lain dari sisi leadership yang masih bertemakan bisnis, kali ini Aku membahas tentang leadership di organisasi
Biru : tidak apa-apa menceritakan organisasi yang kecil, akan tetapi kita harus menggunakan kata menghubung yang baik sehingga kita bisa menceritakan performa yang baik ketika di tempat itu.

My passion in influencing people eventually brought me to aid the development of an SME in Tuban. With my team, I managed to work together with the locals in making an innovative product based on legen, the sap of siwalan trees. We gave additional value to legen by giving it a proper packaging, a brand name, and also clinical tests so that it would be more popular and could be sold with a high price. The product was then distributed in various stores in several cities, namely Surabaya, Tuban and Jakarta. In the end, this product was also accepted by the large supermarkets, such as Carrefour and Giant and was distributed in all areas in East Java. I was so grateful that this project could increase their revenue of people in Tuban by 20%-30% and eventually assisted the development of a village in their area.

Merah : Di paragraph ini Aku membahas tentang leadership di social project.
Biru : bagaimana project sosial itu berjalan dan dampak apa yang diberikan kepada masyarat sehinggal mereka mendapatkan benefit dari projek kita

Henceforth, based on my experiences, I believe that I am a suitable candidate for this scholarship, as I’ve had experiences in managing a team, influencing people, and eventually giving impact to a rural area in my home nation.

Kalimat penutup dari essayku, usahakan 1 kalimat dan kalimat tersebut mencangkup semua aspek dalam Chevening Essay yang ada pada paragrap sebelumnya. Bila ada pertanyaan silahkan ketik di kolom comment ya. Good Luck !




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